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Sometimes a tooth needs to be restored because of tooth decay, worn down teeth, or missing teeth. At Eureka Ridge Dentistry, Dr. Yellamanchili offers highly advanced dental treatments to give you aesthetically pleasing, natural results, and more importantly, we restore your teeth to their natural function.

Dental fillings look just as natural as your own teeth

Tooth decay is a common condition, which is why our dental practice has invested in state-of-the-art dental materials to give you the highest quality of care. If you need a tooth colored dental filling, we offer a restoration to ensure stability and prevent the further breakdown of your tooth. White fillings are a generally simple treatment that helps remove any carious tooth structure and restores your tooth to its natural state. We provide a relaxing environment so you feel comfortable during your treatment and leave feeling rejuvenated.

Dental Crowns protect your teeth

If your tooth needs slightly more than a dental filling, we will gently fit your tooth with a custom prepared dental crown. A dental crown serves many purposes, including restoring severely decayed or worn down teeth. But, a crown can also improve your smile by protecting chipped or fractured teeth and give you highly esthetic results.

A crown is sometimes necessary when a filling cannot restore a tooth because it may break down further or there is insufficient tooth structure left. Depending on the type of crown you need, it may take a few visits to get your custom crown, but in the meantime we can fit you with a temporary crown to avoid any sensitivity or discomfort.

Dental crowns can last many, many years and improve your ability to eat, bite, and smile. It is a simple way to maintain your natural tooth and improve your oral health, but also be cosmetically pleasing.

A Dental Bridge can restore your smile

Missing teeth can cause an array of problems like teeth shifting, difficult eating, and an unaesthetic smile. If you suffer from missing teeth from tooth decay or congenitally missing teeth, a dental bridge is a wonderful option to replace and restore your smile.

A bridge works by anchoring two health teeth and replacing the missing tooth or multiple teeth with a fake tooth, or pontic. Closing the gap between teeth will help stabilize your bite and prevent adjacent teeth from shifting or supraeruption. It also helps you properly eat and speak so you feel comfortable with your smile.

There are many options for dental bridges including Implant supported bridges, multiple unit dental bridges, and Maryland bridges to replace a single tooth. Our highly experienced team at Eureka Ridge Dentistry is here to answer all questions regarding your procedure and help you throughout the process to find the perfect solution to your missing teeth.

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